FSI Market Scan

FSI Market Scan is a commodity newsletter to be published on our homepage and distributed through email to industry professionals interested in keeping up with market developments through our innovative FSI Hedging Software. Our objective is to focus on price developments and show opportunities to reduce existing price risk. For example of a FSI Market Scan, please contact us.

Global 3D Food & Feed

Global Food in 3D™ was developed at the National Soybean Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois with research funding from the Illinois Soybean Association and the United States Department of Agriculture. The software helps analysts, policymakers, managers, teachers, and researchers better understand the dynamics of population, income growth, production, consumption, trade relationships, and income elasticities. Users can find and forecast trends in their data, using seven different forecast methods, and capture the visuals and data for presentations and reports.

Employing econometric and visualization tools Global Food in 3D™ provides a “video game” like workspace to explore the dynamics of 190 countries across 50 years of history, and forecasts to the year 2030. With Global Food in 3D™, you can visually explore and assess factors affecting world markets.