Product Development

FS-Innovators has extensive experience in financial product development. With the aid of our Psychometric Financial Product Development Tool™ we are able to gain insight in the success rates of products before they are launched. The Psychometric Financial Product Development Tool™ embeds all necessary AND sufficient conditions for success.

Due to a combination of unique characteristics, all our products can be used for both investing and hedging purposes.

Financial Products

FS-Innovators has currently the following products under development:

  • Inflation index products
  • Real Estate Index Risk Management Product

The risk of decreasing (increasing) real estate prices (residential and commercial) is real in these turbulent economic times. Market participants such as home owners, banks, insurance companies, developers and builders are more then ever in need of risk management tools that mitigate the value risks that they are exposed to. FS-Innovators B.V. develops risk management tools for the real estate industry that can be privately traded (OTC) and or be traded on regulated exchanges.

Commodity Based Products

FS-Innovators developed a unique commodity investment research program that not only provides information about what commodities yield interesting investment results (in a client’s portfolio context), but also HOW to execute such a strategy. For example, should you go long in commodity futures? Should you buy shares in a commodity based company? Etc.

World Wheat Index

FSI World Wheat Index™
Until recently, the market for wheat has been relatively stable compared to other commodity markets. As a result, the basis (i.e. the spot price minus the futures price; important for hedgers) was relatively easy to predict. Recently, however the basis has become less predictable causing difficulties for hedgers (basis risk starts to dominate and hence decreases overall hedging effectiveness; (see interesting papers under papers & books section)

FS-Innovators developed a FSI World Wheat Index™ that will target investor needs. With this product, we are able to contribute to a better functioning wheat futures market and to improve investment possibilities in global wheat markets. We carefully evaluated and selected 16 different international indices and have chosen an optimal index that provides investors the opportunity to invest in ‘global’ wheat with the most profitable risk and return characteristics.

Other products that are realized by our commodity investment program are:

Besides the FSI World Cement IndexTM, FS-Innovators developed also separate indices for Europe, Asia and US.

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